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Southshore was certainly a challenging location for a trail run, in hindsight hey it was a crazy idea - The winds out here reach up to 180kph and the salt from the ocean will eat through a car like a hot knife in butter - I am proud to say that I have full support for a complete suburb roll out for 2020

2 Years R&D

Community Driven Business Model

Free WIFI to the Home

Tested In Harsh Conditions

Fibre speeds


Expanding into Sumner

Non 5g wifi netowrk - Sumner.png

Sumner has always been the natural progression for expansion, for me as an Entrepreneur, I love the vibe of the place, it is not quite as relaxed as Southshore but hey you can get a good Coffee :) - 2020 will see our first testing and installation of a Sumner base station TBA