I am here to Win, For our City, For our People

No Extravagance

100% Accountability

A Fresh Start

A leader with Heart, Youth, Spirit

I have the Skills and required Moxie to make it happen

Social Housing


Declaring a Social Housing Emergency will enable me to go above and beyond to sort this city out - Our social housing in Christchurch is a disgrace

Respect The East

The east-side is the Heart of our city, our Mana - I stand on full Re-development, Investment and on-going support for the east. The people of the east have been let down, pushed aside and left out time and time again by the CCC - I am here to put it right - I was born in the east and I live in the east - I will fight for the east

Remove and Home all homeless street sleepers

I stand on removing and housing ALL of the homeless street sleepers in 90 days - We love our street family they are part of us, we can do better and we will do better. I will home every single homeless street sleeper, giving back the respect and bringing sanity back to our streets - I will then create a rapid street response team, to work with each person and help bring them into society - You could be down on your luck as well and people need to realize it is ALL of our problem

Mental Health


Healthy Mind Healthy City

Healthy Future

I stand on stopping ALL chlorine treatment within 7 days of election - I will Install the expensive UV treatment to keep our future secure - We will then launch an investigation with a view to prosecute whom ever is to blame for this travesty - I stand on bringing in IWI to protect our water and will use gangs to stand and protect our water wells like they did in the recent terror attacks, if required - Christchurch has voted and its a no from us - I will not back down from central government   

Back home owners Fighting Insurance & EQC

I will personally assign a team to look after and PAY all people still in limbo, it's wrong what has happened to our people and it needs to be sorted out 

CCC Bio Fuel

Locally produced Bio-fuel will provide much needed relief at the pump - It will also enable our city to raise our capital reserves, to aid in our shift away from a taxation business model

More money for Seniors

The most important part of our city, our elders, will receive a 50% rates reduction from 75 

Free Public Transport for Workers & Students

Free Busses between 6-9am & 3-6pm

STOP Foreign interests exporting our resources

NO water will be exported by a foreign company on my watch, I will stop any exports and launch an investigation into who let this happen and who is to blame

Axe the 53% rates hike

Enough is Enough - I will axe the 53% rates hike and implement a 4 year rates freeze, as I fight to move our city away from a taxation business model 

Plant 1 Billion Plants

NO Asset Sales

We might have a garage sale like Gary Vee #muglife but it WILL NOT include the house

Plants rather than trees are our way back from climate change and polluted lakes and rivers - Christchurch will stand proud and hold fort as the Garden City - The answer everyone want's to know is, will you declare a climate emergency ? - The short answer is - Yes, one should have been called 10 years ago

Support Start-Up Businesses

Open the CBD for Business

Time for business owners to make some money and not just the big guys - I will work with developers and building owners to reduce rents and make the city a more attractive place for business - Dumplings $2 Rice can not afford to move back into the city - I will change that 

Venture Capital Fund - Less red tape for Maori Hangi & BBQ businesses - Support for fb businesses, More areas to operate for Mobile businesses

Support Fathers

Salary cap for the CCC

The people of our city are appalled by salaries of the CCC - I will axe un-nessary under preforming staff and implement a salary cap to ensure our elected leaders are working for us, not off playing golf on the rate payer

CCC Solar

I stand on rolling out grid independent Solar to our city over 10 years - Sick of the power bill..... So is everyone - We will work with all agencies to get effected Social housing tenants Solar NOW



Ulta-Fast WIFI

In Your Home

(Non -5G)

1st Home Deposit Inclusive Loan 

A Maori male in NZ will find it almost impossible to win custody of their own children - The silent epidemic

 I will work with banks directly and as a city we will create a new deposit inclusive loan product - It will work for developers, owners, council, banks - It is a win win and will put thousands of cantabs into their own homes, now

Coastal disaster and flood protection

Full funding for Sumner & Southshore Tsunami, Sea level and Flood Protection - T.S.F - It took 10 years to get a result this time for Southshore, what happens next time

Meet with gang leaders to stop the crime

2020 - A new world, time to focus on working together as a community - We need gangs to step up and give back to the community, some do but not enough - Be included and most of all help to create a city where all of our elders can feel safe

Free Parking

For the hospital, our hospital is a disgrace and the parking is worse, I will sort it out with a new parking building for the hospital

Clean Rivers

As part of my billion plant roll out we will Bio-remediate any and all effected rivers. Our future generations & Maori are to be respected and will be under my watch


Ban Glycophosphate & 1080

Complete blanket ban - Contracts for hunters and trappers, there is no future in putting toxins in our water, killing an animal and not making use of the product goes against my beliefs 

Use the Red Zone

I will use locals Innovative ideas to take the red zone back - Create a sustainable food resource - Share land with suitable business startups, tiny homes to make sure that our future is secure, both health and wealth

Come down hard on Child and Animal Abuse

No excuses, Harsh penalties, CCC Dog control reform 

Legal skid pad for Car Enthusiasts

Safe, legal, Fun, Full support from the NZ Police, 100% off-set Carbon emissions, The pads will not be tax payer funded and or managed



A strong Immigrant mentality is what we need to turn our city around, we certainly need the help from our fellow brothers and sisters so lets show them some love

CBD/THC Certified City

I stand on signing a J.V with Cookies, I will create a world first partnership between CCC and Cookies, that will create a global price point and quality standard for our products on the open market. This will enable us to scale aggressively/rapidly so we can raise the capital to pay of the $2,000,000,000 owing and fund our city foward

CCC Street Team

Meeting people, welcoming tourists, hearing concerns, taking advice, learning about what our community needs

Direct access to the Mayor

Going TINY ? We are

Less red tape for tiny homes and access to shared land use around the city and in the Red-Zone

Fight Obesity

Our city will lead the fight in the nationwide Obesity epidemic - With cheaper vegetables, A sugar tax & Fitness equipment at every park

Lunches for Primary

I will work with local agencies, teams, gangs, to fund and supply healthy lunches for all primary schools - 100% Non tax payer funded

Youth Employment

I stand on creating an economic boom in Christchurch that will provide jobs and spending to power our city forward into the future - Youth will lead the way, Under my leadership the youth will thrive and feel empowered, it is crucial for us to engage the youth now

Pay the $2,000,000,000 owing  

Our city is in BIG trouble Financially - I stand on paying down this loan in FULL